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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do knobs and pulls come with the cabinetry?

    No. You can select the best hardware options for your cabinetry depending on your own preferences. We have a large selection of different hardware options for cabinets to match your tastes. Contact us to learn more.

  • What are the different countertop types and which are the most durable?

    There are various different type of countertop materials:

    Laminate Countertops
    Corian Countertops
    Granite Countertops
    Quartz Countertops

    All of these materials are considered durable, and your choice of countertops will ultimately come down to your budget and your style preference.

  • For countertops, will you be measuring before you install?

    Yes, for pricing purposes we work off your measurements, but once an order is placed all measurements will be verified before installation.

  • Is it safe to place hot pans or baking dishes directly on countertops?

    No.  Heat can cause cracking or burnt marks. High temperatures can cause the bonding adhesive on laminate tops to release its hold on the surface material causing it to lift away. “Solid Surface” can discolor or melt, ruining the finish. Direct heat can crack even Granite countertops.

  • When using a Crock-Pot – will it cause any damage to the c-tops?

    If set in the same spot, over time, it may cause either cracks or leave a burn mark. Also, consider the underside of cabinets directly ABOVE appliances like crock pots, toasters and coffee makers. Over time, the heat from these appliances may affect the finish of wood cabinets.

  • I like one of your display kitchens but the layout is different than what I currently have, can this work?

    Absolutely, we can design and fit a kitchen into the space you have.

    Cabinets are generally manufactured in size increments of 3”, from 9” wide to 48+ inches. We will work with you to design the best combination of sizes and styles to give your new kitchen function and the look you will love.

  • Do you carry more than one line of cabinets?

    Yes, we have a wide selection of cabinet lines with multiple colors and styles to choose from that can fit into almost any budget.

  • Why is choice important, aren’t all cabinets the same?

    It is improbable that any one company can have everything for everyone, so, to better serve all of our customers we have selected the best from America’s Kitchen Cabinet makers.

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