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How to Budget for a Kitchen Redesign

You’ve decided to redesign your kitchen, and you’ve set a price limit within your budget. But after looking at all the costs associated with professional kitchen remodeling, you’re not even sure you can afford to look at a new appliance, much less renovate an entire kitchen! After all, the average kitchen renovations cost between $25,000 and $50,000. Even the most…read more →

Choosing a Subcontracting Partner for Residential Development

When choosing residential construction subcontractors for your major residential construction projects in Pennsylvania, select partners worthy of a long-term relationship. Residential development projects can span months or even years. A specialized contractor who has effectively managed residential construction projects in the past can serve you well, especially if they have a reputation for quality and a well-rounded project portfolio. Choose…read more →

Holiday Kitchen Decoration | Swartz Kitchens & Baths

Holiday Kitchen Countertop Decoration Ideas Once Halloween passes, it’s time to put your favorite holiday decoration ideas in motion. Don’t leave your kitchen counters out of the plan. With the right touches, you can keep the busy heart of your home festive and functional with a unique countertop holiday decoration. Give your November and December the extra dash of holiday…read more →

The Best Kitchen Countertop Material Options

There are few surfaces in your home that work harder than your kitchen countertops. Even if your cooking style is more take-out than gourmet, your kitchen countertop material will be home to keys, bags, plates, sharp knives, limes and lemons, cleaning chemicals, and other potentially corrosive or damaging substances. These kitchen countertop options are durable and beautiful choices for active…read more →

How to Avoid These Kitchen Design Mistakes

Getting ready to renovate your kitchen? Great! Before you commit to purchasing expensive materials that can’t be returned, check out these common kitchen remodeling mistakes. Don’t Waste Space You weren’t thinking about leaving space in between your upper cabinets and your ceiling, were you? This big kitchen renovation mistake assures your cabinet tops will collect lots of dust. Order taller…read more →

Don’t Make These Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

Today’s bathrooms are more than functional spaces. Your new bathroom should be as comfortable and spacious as possible, and it should have adequate storage and plenty of ventilation. Avoid common bathroom design mistakes and improve your return on investment with a little extra planning. Ventilation Matters The bathroom is the place in your home where adequate ventilation is a must-have….read more →

How to Treat Granite Countertops

As the most sought-after countertop surface, granite has a well-earned reputation for durability and beauty. Every slab features characteristics, colors and veins that make them unique, even among the same variety. Protecting your granite with proper sealing not only protects this natural beauty but also the look of your kitchen as well as your health. What to Know About Granite…read more →

Mixing It Up-Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Mixing It Up (Part 1) Are there rules when it comes to combining door styles, wood species and finishes in a kitchen? What about an entire house, does everything need to match? I don’t know that there are actual rules that can be use to guide this decision, but there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration….read more →

So many Choices

      So Many Choices I met with a delightful couple the other day to go over the cabinetry layouts for their new home.  Once we had the general designs figured out the conversation switched to all of the decisions that would need to be made for each room.  There are doors styles, woods and finishes to consider.  There…read more →

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