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Who Will You Call—Mr. Big Box?

Who Will You Call—Mr. Big Box?

By Tim Weaver, Kitchen Designer/Sales Consultant, Swartz Kitchens & Baths Even when you do everything right with planning and purchasing a new kitchen, the unexpected can happen. In these moments you will recognize the value that decades of experience can bring. There are many places where you can buy cabinetry. But when the wrong piece is delivered, there’s a flaw…read more →

What to do with a pass-through

With any kitchen, we want to make sure that every detail makes sense for the homeowner and fits in with the rest of the house. In the Garman Builders’ Home-A-Rama kitchen, we saw an opportunity to transform a pass-through—the giant window into the kitchen—to serve an essential purpose. Instead of just installing cabinetry for storage, we looked at the entire…read more →

Customer’s vision drives design

It’s always fun to work with homeowners who have a vision for their kitchen remodeling project. What mattered most to the owners of this kitchen was having a modern-looking, functional space where a dramatically contrasting stone countertop would be the star. The couple selected their cabinetry from our Integrity line, solid wood cabinets that their remodeler likes to work with,…read more →

Maintaining new kitchen cabinets: the hard work is over

By Tim Weaver, Kitchen Designer/Sales Consultant at Swartz Kitchens & Baths Good news! Once your new kitchen cabinetry is installed, the hard work is over. That’s because today’s kitchen cabinets are more durable and easier to clean than those made even 10 years ago. With 34 years in this business, I’ve seen cabinetry evolve and improve to a point today…read more →

Choosing a home remodeler

If you’re ready to start remodeling your home, do you know who to call? While it might seem easy, there are a lot of things to consider: trust, cost, reliability, reference … the list could go on and on. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has some helpful tips on how to go about making that decision here. Once…read more →

A custom fit for a custom space

Since the kitchen is usually one of the last pieces finished in a home, we run into last minute challenges. In the Garman Home-A-Rama home, we ran into a daunting task—or should we say it ran into us. We designed for a panel on the outside of the fridge and the bottom of the finished staircase enters the kitchen so…read more →

Finding a consultant

Finding the right kitchen consultant is as important as selecting products for your new kitchen. When my sister, who lives in Florida, recently asked for pointers on choosing a kitchen consultant, I gave her the standard industry recommendation—interview a few candidates, get some estimates and check references. But as I thought about my advice, I realized I left out a…read more →

A hidden surprise: the magic pantry

Starting with a blank slate, a brand new floorplan like the one from the Garman Homes for their 2011 Home-A-Rama home is a challenge that we love. This particular challenge? Create a highly efficient, very functional, elegant kitchen in a defined space. While this might sound like a common dilemma in kitchen design, it’s all about how the details are…read more →

Our Package Pricing puts your budget (not your kitchen) in a box

We offer package pricing at Swartz Kitchens & Baths to help you research and compare products and prices. Our customers are pleased when they discover our products are in their price range and that they come with the assistance of knowledgeable, experienced kitchen design consultants. One of the questions people ask me is “Do you have to buy the exact…read more →

A kitchen worthy of a showcase

A kitchen worthy of a showcase

As the exclusive provider of kitchens for Garman Builders of Lancaster, they turned to us in November 2010 to design a kitchen for their 2011 Home-A-Rama house. We worked within the builders’ style to present a beautiful, functional kitchen flowing with the rest of the house, enhancing Garman’s work. By then, the house was framed and ready to go, looking…read more →

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