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Corian Countertops

Corian Countertops

Update Your Harrisburg, York, Lancaster or Allentown Home With Corian Countertops

Are your current countertops faded or dated? Do they have pits in them, scorch marks or nicks? Or are you looking to completely redo your kitchen and want a budget-friendly type of countertop? At Swartz Kitchens & Baths, we regularly recommend Corian countertops to customers who want a countertop that will last, but will also be cost-effective for limited budgets.

Why Choose Corian Countertops From Our Showrooms?

Corian countertops are made by the Dupont company and have a long-standing reputation for being strong and attractive. Corian is a manmade substance created from a plastic resin material. Because they have been manufactured instead of carved from natural surfaces, Corian countertops offer various benefits:

  • They can match almost any kitchen color. Natural substances like stone and granite have variations in their colors, and can be tough to match a kitchen décor. However, Corian can be dyed to an exact shade. If having a specific hue is important to your finished kitchen design, Corian countertops may be the perfect fit.
  • They come in many thicknesses. Your new Corian countertops can be ordered in any thickness your contractor needs to efficiently and correctly install the countertop into your kitchen. Because Corian is made from a plastic, it holds its color throughout the block of countertop. If your contractor sands or cuts Corian, the color will remain strong and true.
  • They are affordable. Many homeowners love the clean, crisp look of Corian — and they also love its affordability compared to natural substances which have to be mined and are more labor-intensive.
  • They can be used outside. Are you going to add countertops to your outside kitchen, such as one around a pool? Corian countertops are perfectly suited for outdoor kitchens from Harrisburg to Allentown. They weather even the toughest winters without cracking or requiring extra care.

How to Care for Your Corian Countertops

It’s important to protect your investment, which means understanding how to care for your Corian countertops. Because Corian is not as tough as stone, it should not be used as a cutting surface — very sharp knives can leave groove marks in the countertop. However, cleaning Corian is simple. Any over-the-counter cleanser can be used to wipe and sanitize your countertop surface. Don’t set any hot pans on Corian, as excessive heat can leave marks on the surface.

Visit Us in Harrisburg and Beyond to Discuss Corian Countertops for Your Home

The Swartz Kitchen & Baths designers will be more than happy to talk about Corian countertops for your house in Lancaster, Allentown or any other area. We can even help you see what your Corian countertops will look like in your finished kitchen thanks to computer-aided technology. Contact us today!

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