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Marble Bathroom Countertops

Marble Bathroom Countertops in Harrisburg, Lancaster, Allentown and York

When it comes to timeless design, few materials match the elegant look and classic style of marble. Suitable for diverse styles of décor, marble bathroom countertops get your home noticed. Swartz Kitchens & Baths offers cultured marble bathroom countertops in a wide range of colors that meet your needs for looks and durability.

What to Know About Your Marble Bathroom Countertop

Marble is a natural, porous stone that’s susceptible to scratching and staining, but it is also one of the most popular choices for bathroom countertops in the home. Natural marble comes in a range of colors, but is often fabricated in white with gray veins. This sophisticated material is ideal for bathrooms because there is a reduced chance that acids from foods or drinks will stain it. If you prefer a surface that shows wear over time, and you don’t mind periodic sealing, natural marble may be the right choice for you.

If you love the look of marble, but you don’t want to spend time maintaining your countertop, consider cultured marble, which is a popular and durable choice for frequently used surfaces in the home. Unlike natural marble, cultured marble resists stains and scratches. It also comes in a rainbow of colors, making it suitable for nearly every décor.

Swartz Kitchens & Baths recommends cultured marble bathroom countertops for even the most heavily used surfaces. You can use cultured marble on the countertop and the tub surround, flooring and jetted tub without worry — and without the constant maintenance required by natural marble.

Our Lancaster, Allentown, Harrisburg and York locations partner with Kerrico and Tri-City — central Pennsylvania’s best cultured marble fabricators. You’ll be delighted by the beauty of your countertop, and pleased by how long it lasts.

Get the Most Out of Your Project Budget

When you choose Swartz Kitchens & Baths, you can rest assured our design team will help you stretch your project budget so you get the most for every dollar. Whether you’re renovating a bathroom, building a brand new home or simply replacing the countertops, we’ll create a look you’ll appreciate — at a price you can afford. Our reputation for quality and expertise in the central Pennsylvania region is unparalleled, which is why selective families in the Allentown, Harrisburg, Lancaster and York regions turn to Swartz Kitchens & Baths when they need a new bathroom.

Your Home — Designed for Life

Browse our beautiful online photo gallery and see the beautiful marble bathroom countertops designed by Swartz Kitchens & Baths. When you’re ready to explore the exciting countertop options for your home, visit a Swartz Kitchens & Baths showroom.

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