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Jade Sotak

Jade Sotak - AllentownJade Sotak joined the Swartz family 10 years ago

Jade has been on the design and sales team since that time, starting as outside sales for 2 years before becoming inside sales. Jade works at our Allentown location.  Jade has always had an interest in kitchens, especially since she enjoys being in hers cooking.  She enjoys helping a customer create their own personal kitchen they enjoy cooking in.  Jade thrives on the challenge of creating a visual representation of the project she is working on for her customers. Jade comments “Swartz is a great company to work for. They are always trying to be better for their customers and employees.

“Jade Sotak is excellent.  She was courteous, knowledgeable, helpful – all qualities you would want in a business professional.” Morgot B.

“Very pleased – Hope to use Swartz in Future!” – Cindy G. 

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