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Matthew G. Bowers

Matt Bowers - Harrisburg

Matthew G Bowers Brings 10 Years of Kitchen and Bath Design

Matthew G. Bowers recently joined the design and sales team at the Harrisburg location.  Matthew has been working within the home improvement industry for 10 years.  He enjoys working with the customers one-on-one and creating a lasting relationship that helps assist in understanding the wants and needs that goes into each individual design. Matthew finds that customers enjoy seeing a 3-D perspective of their ideas come to realization.  What brought Matthew to Swartz Supply was the combination of the professional environment as an employee and relaxed friendly environment for his customers.

“Matt Bowers was the perfect sales staff.  Extremely educated with the products.  Thank you Matt!” K. Johnson

“Our salesperson (Matt) was very knowledgeable and I would definitely come back.  Surprised at the price! : )” – Denise P.


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