Why You Should Care for Your Granite Countertops:

One of the most beautiful stones used in construction today is granite. It comes in a variety of colors and textures, and because it comes from nature, each piece of granite is one-of-a-kind – adding a distinctive look to any space.

While many homeowners are attracted to the luster and deep richness of granite countertops, but to keep them looking as beautiful as the day they were installed, you should make protecting granite countertops a part of your regular kitchen maintenance. Granite countertops are not hassle-free. They require special cleaning products and regular upkeep to keep them looking great.

Furthermore, while granite is second only to diamond as the hardest stone on Earth, it is still porous. Wine, coffee, juice and olive oil can penetrate the stone and leave a permanent stain. Even water can penetrate and stain granite in as little as three minutes.

Because of this, many granite countertops end up stained and looking dull after just a few months – only because the homeowner didn’t know how to properly protect them.

Fortunately, there is a way to preserve the beauty of granite countertops forever — by sealing them.

There are many different sealants on the market for protecting granite countertops and preserving their luster and shine. The big-box home improvement stores carry a variety of do-it-yourself (DIY) granite and natural stone sealants. The problem with these DIY options, however, is that they are water-based. As a result, they must be reapplied every 6 to 12 months.

Our Best Tip for Protecting Granite:

The solution we recommend to homeowners and contractors alike is Dry-Treat, which is a permanent sealing process. This alkaline-based sealant repels liquids, enhances the shine and deepens the color of natural stone. When Dry-Treat is applied by a certified professional (ours is Classic Rock Fabrication), it comes with a 25 year warranty. This means that if, for any reason, the granite becomes stained, Classic Rock will repair or replace at no cost to the homeowner. Additionally, this guarantee is transferrable from one homeowner to the next, and the cost is extremely reasonable at just a few hundred dollars.

Unlike the DIY granite sealant kits available, Dry-Treat alkaline-based formula bonds directly with the stone and makes it impenetrable to liquids. Once Granite Shield is applied, spills such as soda, olive oil, grape juice or coffee will not stain or harm your countertops – even if they go undiscovered for hours. Simply clean up the mess. And unlike DIY sealants on the market, Granite Shield is a once-and-done solution that never has to be reapplied and is guaranteed for life.

Dry-Treat can be applied to existing or new countertops. If you are having a home built or remodeled, Granite Shield can be applied to the stone before it is installed. If you have a granite countertop that is less than lustrous, a Dry-Treat technician can come to your home to restore your countertops to that newly-installed shine – and protect that luster forever.