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Holiday Kitchen Countertop Decoration Ideas
Once Halloween passes, it’s time to put your favorite holiday decoration ideas in motion. Don’t leave your kitchen counters out of the plan. With the right touches, you can keep the busy heart of your home festive and functional with a unique countertop holiday decoration. Give your November and December the extra dash of holiday spirit they deserve with charming decorations you can enjoy all season long.

holiday kitchen coutnertop decoration

Vintage Christmas Ornaments
Old glass Christmas tree ornaments are enjoying a home décor renaissance. If you don’t have several hundred dollars to spend on a vintage glass ornament wreath, buy inexpensive colorful ball-shaped ornaments and place them inside a covered glass apothecary jar. Choose between monochrome, metallic or a wild jumble of colors — regardless of your choice you’ll appreciate fun, quickly cleaned and easy-to-move holiday countertop decorations well into January.

A Tall Glass Vase and Long Branches
If you’re lucky enough to have a large center island at the center of a spacious kitchen, add a little holiday drama to the room with a tall glass vessel and long branches. The glass vessel keeps visual flow moving, while slender branches add drama without impeding conversation — which is usually what large arrangements do. Opt for white birch branches, and give yourself extra credit if you tie your prettiest holiday cards to the branch ends with a red or blue ribbon. This countertop Thanksgiving decoration is also perfect for Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Ring Around the Wreath
Wreaths are lovely on the door and over mirrors, but they’re also fabulous when laid flat. Add a shapely hurricane glass to the center, and place a large pillar candle inside. Match the color of the candle to an accent in the wreath — for example, use a metallic gold candle if there are gold accents on the wreath. Avoid wreaths larger than 10” because they take up too much space.

Fresh Greenery, Pinecones and Pillar Candles
If nothing but fresh greenery will do — and you have an affinity for holly and pinecones — you’re in for a treat. Holly branches, particularly variegated holly, are gorgeous on any holiday table. Place pinecones and pillars at random intervals, but avoid keeping them next to each other, as pinecones are flammable. Bonus points if you source greenery from your property.

Chandelier and Barstool Greenery
When you want to decorate your kitchen but you’re skeptical that your counters have enough room for holiday trinkets, think outside the box. Loop lighted garland along your chandelier — you can find fresh and artificial garland with battery-operated LEDs, making things easy. Tie small wreaths with a wide colorful ribbon along the backs of your barstools and you’ll be ready to celebrate — with counters that are ready to work and serve.

Happy holidays!