How Many Kitchen Cabinet Choices Are There at Swartz Kitchens & Baths?

I met with a delightful couple the other day to go over the cabinetry layouts and kitchen cabinet choices for their new home. Once we agreed upon the general design, the conversation switched to all of the decisions that would need to be made for each room. There are doors styles, woods and finishes to consider. There is countertop material, hardware, sinks, faucets, lighting, flooring, backsplash, wall color, window treatments, the list seems endless. It’s overwhelming when you think about it.

cabinetry choices

Just a small sampling of the door styles and finishes

As we sat across from our wall of sample doors I asked them to point out a few of the doors that appealed to them. They both stared at the doors together, commenting and pointing at that one-no this one-wait, what about this one? After a few minutes of back and forth they turned to me and commented that there were so many choices it was hard to choose.

Marley Oak Morel

We finally narrowed things down; Marley was the unanimous choice for the door, a flat panel with wider rails and stiles and a beautiful applied molding detail to add some dimension. Then it was on to the finishes, Oak, Morel for the kitchen, maybe one of the new Heritage Paint finishes for the island and Painted Classic White in the bathrooms.

After our meeting concluded I started to wonder how many door styles, wood species and finish combinations Dura Supreme offers. I started doing the math, thirty oak door styles multiplied by fourteen stains gives you a total of four hundred and twenty combinations. I kept going through every wood species that we offer, including paintable multiplied by the different finishes, glazes, accents, etc. When I reached 8,392 Dura Supreme combinations I stopped. So many choices!