How to Avoid Common Kitchen Design Mistakes

Getting ready to renovate your kitchen? Great! Before you commit to purchasing expensive materials that can’t be returned, learn how to avoid the most common kitchen design mistakes.

kitchen design mistakesDon’t Waste Space
You weren’t thinking about leaving space in between your upper cabinets and your ceiling, were you? This big kitchen renovation mistake assures your cabinet tops will collect lots of dust. Order taller cabinets instead, and make storage space for those little-used items that you still need accessible.

Rethink the Sink
Don’t automatically assume a double sink should be your go-to choice. Many designers prefer installing the biggest, deepest single-bowl sink you can find. Why? Deep single-bowl sinks make cleaning and pot-filling easier because they are more spacious. You’ll also save on material and installation costs.

Don’t Be Afraid of Personality
You can personalize your kitchen’s appearance with distinctive finishes. Choose from some of these ideas to add a special something extra to your kitchen:

  • Copper fixtures
  • Vintage lighting
  • Cabinetry with varying stains
  • Crystal or cut glass hardware
  • Wood countertops and custom backsplashes

Invest in Cabinetry
How many times do you think you’ll open your cabinets and drawers every year? Multiply that number by the number of years you’ll have your kitchen, and you’ll see why investing in durable cabinetry and hardware is essential. Soft-close drawers and doors make slamming a thing of the past. Hardwood construction is stronger and lasts longer. Drawers are especially handy, and they make it easy to use and access difficult-to-reach areas.

Are Glass Panels a Good Idea?
Glass front cabinets give your kitchen an airy appearance, but they aren’t always easy on the eyes. To use them to the right effect, you must be prepared to keep their interiors clean and well-organized. Wine glasses, platters, plates and other attractive kitchenware look beautiful when peeking through the glass — canned beans and boxes of cereal do not. If you’re not prepared to keep your kitchenware organized for constant scrutiny by guests, then consider using chicken wire and fabric, or seeded glass, for a similar effect.

Consider the Backsplash
You’ll probably spend a lot of time thinking about countertop materials, or weighing the pros and cons of granite versus quartz. Don’t ignore the backsplash, however, because this is the design element that can really make your kitchen pop. If you have space over your stove, have a shelf built into the wall. This can hold frequently used items such as salt, pepper, oil and butter. A pretty mosaic or tile design can make it the focal point, too.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better
You can make a delicious meal in your kitchen whether it’s small or large. Resist the urge to add on just because you think you need the space. A small kitchen with a well-planned design and the right cabinetry can just as easily be the kitchen of your dreams — and it will take a lot less time to clean.

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