The Top Kitchen Trends our Kitchen Designers Are Seeing Today

By Donna Felker, Designer/Sales Consultant at Swartz Kitchens and Baths

Pullout recycling bins
While some of what was considered trendy in kitchens just a few years ago is becoming standard, a new group of favorites are on their way in. The preferences of homeowners are reflecting a growing trend toward creating a kitchen that is sleek, efficient and low maintenance. Here’s what mid-state customers are asking me for:

Pullout drawers
Once a luxurious extra available in higher-end cabinetry, pullout drawers, recycling bins, cookie sheet and pizza pan cabinets are a standard request.

Glass display cabinets

Glass cabinet doors
Great for displays and to break up or lighten up a bank of cabinetry, glass cabinet doors are moving to the forefront with greater availability at all cost points.

Base cabinet microwave
The base cabinet microwave (a microwave installed in the base cabinetry) is frequently requested by homeowners who want to save cabinet and counter space. The jury is still out on how easy it is to use a microwave in this lower position.

Decorative range hood
The more elaborate the better. As homeowners are graduating to nearly commercial grade stoves, they are including elaborate decorative range hoods. A variety of sizes are available, even 36-inch hoods to accommodate a small kitchen

Modern cabinets

Streamlined and modern
Cabinetry choices are increasingly sleek and streamlined. Homeowners are turning away from cabinets with turned out posts and other furniture-like characteristics in favor of smooth lines and a modern look.

In a related change, 95 percent of homeowners are requesting floor-to-ceiling cabinetry and eliminating the soffit (area between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling). The reason? Open-top shelves collect dust, and you create more cabinet space. And who can’t use extra storage?

Dark stains
Dark finishes are in-style. Dark espresso, a brown that is almost black, is very popular in kitchen cabinetry.

Easy-maintenance countertop
Quartz is winning the battle of the high-end countertops. It’s more resilient than granite, so there’s no need to worry about scratching or burning the surface. And customers like that there’s no maintenance.

We invite you to visit one of our showrooms or make an appointment so we can show you what’s trending in kitchens today!

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